Berlin (East)

Berlin (East) has to be my all-time favorite scenario to play as the German panzer general against the computer AI (artificial intelligence).  At first you have a very challenging defensive scenario – and if you play your cards right it can then develop into a fast moving offensive scenario.

What I like to do is put a heavy armor presence around Stettin, moving some of my units in from the Frankfurt area. Then I wear down the Soviet attack with vicious counter attacks, to the point where by turn 6 or 7 I can go on the offensive and cross the Oder River. If you can get some momentum going you can break through, wreak havoc in the rear area Soviet artillery and possibly even reach Danzig by the end of the game.

Of course you have to keep a close eye on your key defensive positions around Breslau and Wien. Refrain from moving infantry around too much. Use them only as an impediment to Soviet movement.

You must also gain air superiority. Concentrate on taking out Soviet fighters – leave the bombers alone until you have eliminated the fighters. Spend a good portion of your prestige points on supporting your own fighter forces by purchasing a couple of Me163 Komet squadrons. I like to place two of these units at Wien, then when they achieve local superiority I shift them north. Make sure you use elite replacements for your air forces whenever possible.

With a little bit of luck and some concentration of force, you can win this scenario.

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