The Husky scenario is enormously enjoyable to play as the German panzer general. The variety of units is great, and at this stage of the war (1943) there are excellent new armored units at your disposal, such as Panthers and Tigers, as well as the new competitive Focke-Wolfe fighter aircraft. If you keep the Allied General from gaining momentum on Sicily, and prevent his other landings on the mainland, then you will almost certainly win the scenario.

The way I like to play this is to immediately take to the offensive on Sicily, striking hard into the Allied landing in the region of Syracuse and Pachwo. The objective here is to push hard with your panzer armor to at least occupy the airfield next to Pachwo, thereby forcing the Allied general to refuel his aircraft out of Tunis.

There will be an Allied amphibious assault coming early in the game in the region of Napoli and Salerno. What I’ve found that works well here is to purchase three to four Italian M-42 anti-tank squadrons and place them in key locations around Napoli to resist the landing. Then you can wear down the rest of the landing with your dive bombers.

Forget about battling for air superiority over Sicily in the early stage of the scenario. Concentrate all your fighters in the North and don’t move them south until after the Allied landing attempt in the region of Messina. Once you have snuffed this out, it becomes safer to move your aircraft south.

Also at this time move all your ground units south and renew your offensive into the region of Syracuse and Pachwo. If you can secure the airfield here next to Pachwo, you will almost certainly (eventually) gain air superiority over Sicily. Doing this will help slow the annoying losses to your ground forces from the persistent shelling from Allied battle ships.

Also to keep the Allied offensive on the island from gathering strength, I like to place numerous Italian M-42 anti-tank squadrons at key defensive locations. These work well until the ‘cavalry’ can arrive in the form of German panzer armor to bring some offensive punch.

Once you have secured the eastern side of the island, you can move forces west, using your mobile artillery to slowly grind down the Allied defenses to ultimately win the scenario.

If things are going well, a neat thing I like to try for is to use the paratrooper units in the region of Taranto for an airborne assault on Tunis. If I’ve crushed the Allied forces on Sicily with around seven to eight turns still remaining, I will dispatch all air forces to soften up the Allied ground units around Tunis. With a little bit of luck you can land your paratroops and seize Tunis turning the scenario from a defensive victory into an offensive victory!

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